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Vanson Productions Inc. 2008

  1. 1.  Intro

  2. 2.  Cho Mong Bong Anh

  3. 3.  Timeless Tinh Yeu Bat Tan

  4. 4.  Dung Noi Cau Gia Tu

  5. 5.  Me Dau Yeu

  6. 6.  Tinh Da Xa-Faraway

  7. 7.  Nguoi Tinh Mua Dong

  8. 8.  Prove It-Hoi Long Tai Sao

  9. 9.  Tinh Mai Ben Nhau

  10. 10. Chinese Medley

  11. 11.   Can You Keep A Secret

All CDs purchased come autographed personally by Linda Chou Special messages may be requested 

Price:  $  12.00 + S&H

This is Linda Chou’s first solo album.  It is because of all of your support that she is able to live her dream and share her love of music with rest of the world.  Thank you all very much.

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Nguoi Tinh Mua Dong

Vanson Productions Inc.  2009

  1. 1.Nguoi Tinh Mua Dong/Linda Chou

  2. 2.Baby I Love You/ Andy Quach

  3. 3.Vong Xuay/ Tinna Tinh

  4. 4.Elton John Melody/ Vpop

  5. 5.Uniquely You/ Wendy Koh

  6. 6.Aline/ Don Ho

  7. 7.Paula Abdul Melody/ Cat Tien

  8. 8.Caravan of Life/ Andy Quach

  9. 9.They Dont Care About Us/ Ngo Thanh Van

  10. 10.Chinese Melody/ Linda Chou/Don Ho/Cat Tien/Andy Quach

Price:  $  10.00 + S&H

Eternal Love

Vanson Productions Inc. 2011

1. Intro

2. Nguoi Tinh Mua Dong

3. Besame Mucho

4. Xin Yeu Nhau Mai

5. Phuong Xa

6. Hiu Quanh

  1. 7.Yesterday Once More ft. Cat Tien,      

    Hoang Thuc Linh

8. 999 Doa Hong

9. Ben Nhau Muon Doi ft. Huy Vu

10. Sabor A Mi-Tinh Da Voi Di

11. Boi Roi Trong Tinh Yeu ft. Jovver

Linda Chou’s second solo album.  Titled Eternal Love for Linda’s eternal love of music.  This album contains classic eternal love songs such as “Nguoi Tinh Mua Dong”, “Besame Mucho”, “Yesterday Once More”, “999 Doa Hong”.  This is a one of a kind album where Linda sings four different languages, Vietnamese, Chinese, English and Spanish.

Like her eternal love for music she is eternally grateful to all her fans as she knows without you her world of music would not exist.